How To Assemble Ride Ons

Toyzoo products are easy to use and easy to assemble, most parents have no clue how to assemble a ride-on products, and this guide seeks to offer a few pointers in the right direction.

Some electric products arrive when they are halfway assembled, while others require parents to assemble them from scratch. The first step each parent should take upon the arrival of a package is to confirm that all the vehicle parts. Having an idea on how to assemble ride on products for kids can simplify the process of putting together your child’s new toy. By the end, you will put together a car that will run smoothly in manual or automatic mode. Go through the contents of the box and establish that every part is available. Use a clean workspace when you are cross-checking the electric car’s contents not to lose any parts in the process.

Start the Assembly Process

Layout all the parts on a clean work surface to make it easy for you to identify the parts that you need when you are working. Take time to read the whole instruction manual at least twice to ensure that you  understand the assembly process’s steps. Some electric vehicles do not come with a manual, and parents have to go online and watch videos that show how to assemble a ride-on car for kids, depending on the model. 

Parts That Need Special Attention

A few parts can cause an electric toy car not to work when they aren’t installed in the correct method. Spending an extra few minutes on sensitive parts can ensure that your assembly process is a success, and your child can use the toy when it is ready.

Battery Terminals 

Connecting battery terminals haphazardly to switches can lead to a vehicle that isn’t working. It would be best if you connected red wires to red terminals and black wires to black terminals. The initial charging hours depend on the capacity of the batteryYou can Recharge 6V AND 12V batteries for at least 5-6 hours. Take time to ensure that the connections are sturdy so that the power flows through seamlessly. Check to see whether the battery compartment keeps it in place or if it is too big. You can use some packaging materials to fill extra space and keep the battery steady when the toy car is on the move. 

Door Latches 

Door latches are essential parts to ride on vehicles with lockable doors. Installing them ensures that the doors work, and they don’t pinch your little one’s fingers. Lose latches indicate a displacement of a spring that makes them bounce back in place. 

Wheel Axle

An axle is a metal rod that runs between two front and back wheels and keeps them moving in synchronized harmony. Sometimes the axle can be lost and cause an electric car to wobble when moving.You need to check the axles and the frame under the vehicle to ensure that it works seamlessly before putting your little one in the toy.

Pair the Parental Remote Controls

Assembling a ride-on vehicle is not complete until you have paired the remote control to the vehicle. Instructions for  pairing a remote control  ride-on vehicle are included in the manual.

You need to turn off the engine for most PRODUCTS and turn on the parental remote-control device for pairing. 

Usually, there is a pairing button on the car that parents should press to initiate the process. A  remote  that isn’t paired has flashing LED lights, which become constant once the pairing process is complete.

Use the instructions for the pairing process because some RIDE ON PRODUCTS need to be turned on for the pairing process.

How Long Does It Take to Assemble a Ride-on PRODUCTS?

The duration of assembling a ride-on PRODUCTS will depend on the vehicle’s model and the level of assembly that the TOYZOO has done. Semi-assembled vehicles can take as little as 10 TO 15 minutes to assemble, while non-assembled vehicles can take up to 30 TO 45 MINUTES for assembly. 

Do You Need Tools?

You don’t need fancy tools for the assembly process because most parts are ready for use. You can put together a toy vehicle using a screwdriver and a pair of pliers. A good ride-on PRODUCTS will make it so that prefabricated parts fit together like a puzzle.


Many parents do not know how to assemble  ride-ons for their kids, especially when they are first-time buyers of ride-on toy vehicles. Most parents find it easier to use a video when doing the assembly because they can mimic whatever the adult in the video is doing. TOYZOO brings a lot of assembling videos of various ride on products to help parents to assemble.


  • 1. The battery must be handled by adults only.
  • 2. Never allow children to charge the battery. Battery charging must be done by adults only.
  • 3. Never lift or carry the battery by the wires or connector.
  • 4. Keep Children Within Safe Riding Areas. These areas must be: - away from swimming pools, driveways, roads and alleys.


  • In the unassembled state, this package contains small parts. Adult assembly is required. 
  • Use the charger in dry locations only.

Toyzoo Assembling Videos